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Hereward Access Centre has been providing needs assessments for UK students who are eligible for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) since 1986. As a not for profit centre with expertise in assistive technology, occupational therapy and disability, we have a flexible approach to changing circumstances and aim to ensure you get the right support to meet your needs.

National statistics and feedback from the students we see suggest that DSA can make a huge difference. The correct support can:
  • Make study easier and so help you to achieve higher grades
  • Remove frustrations and barriers to learning
  • Help you organise and prioritise your study
  • Increase motivation and reduce anxiety

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I just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with me during our meeting. You were so understanding towards my situation that it has left such a lasting impression. I just get on with life, without realising how my health really impacts me. I don’t feel comfortable asking for help, so I sometimes go without. You were able to do the thinking for me which was such a relief.
Students Name Withheld, Nottingham
The whole process is flawless. I could not have wished for a better service.  Kate is amazing, so supportive and helpful.
Zoe, Coventry
Thank you for the report you’ve written. I’ve just read through it and I feel you really understood not only my disability, but also my approach to my own health and how it impacts my studies. I don’t always think I’m the best at talking about my health and explaining exactly what I’m going through, but you understood what I was saying perfectly.

I really appreciate you taking the time to write such a thorough report and set of suggestions. I am really impressed with the amount of support that is available and I’m so grateful for your assistance in helping me access it.
Ruby, Bath
Throughout the process everyone was very helpful and I felt confident in their ability.  I felt comfortable and relaxed through the process and they understood my needs exactly.
Sophie, Coventry
Very thorough in assessing my needs.  Very professional and understanding.
Tracey, Warwickshire
My assessor was excellent at her job.  She seemed to know and understand all aspects of what's involved in DSA and my personal condition.  Very friendly, sensitive and understanding. Extremely pleased.
Laura, Coventry
The person I saw was friendly and was very thorough with the questions asked.  I felt that we covered everything and came up with some good solutions.
Laura, Leicester
Excellent professional service.
Megan, Warwick
The assessor was really kind and friendly - made me feel at ease and was empathetic when I was discussing my issues and past.  She was also supportive and seemed to really care about getting the correct help and support for me.
Rebecca, Nuneaton
Massive commendation for the team in general and for my asessor's excellent attention to detail and professionalism.
Dan, Loughborough
The asessor communicated efficiently and effectively.  She was very respectful and empathetic.  She allowed me sufficient time to express myself.  She was very kind and listened attentively with interest too. She treated me as a person not a problem.
Sainey, Coventry
I was initially nervous, but this was quickly dissipated by the assessor who listened and gave me all the answers I needed and was looking for. I left feeling positive.
Craig, Warwick
Everything was made easy to follow and understand.  I was made to feel at ease which was great.  Thank you for all the advice and it is so good to know that there is help for university.
Caroline, Leamington Spa
I have just received your assessment and am extremely grateful for the comprehensive level of detail you went into.  It is obviously the product of a lot of hard work and I'd like to thank you.
A great DSA advisor.  I would recommend her to anyone as she listened to my needs and wrote an effective report accurately. Thank you so much.
Priyanga, Coventry
I actually really enjoyed the asessment and found it really useful.
Megan, Leicester
My assessor was amazing.  A real credit to your organisation.
Nick, Leicester
Everything was well done.  The assessment was very informative and well handled.
Patricia, Coventry.
My assessor was lovely, followed up before finalising report.
Debra, Coventry
My assessor was sensitive, helpful and patient. Explained all the equipment full. Very good service and excellent staff and timescales.
Abbie, Tamworth
My assessor really understood where I was coming from and I didn't feel "silly".  She is welcoming and friendly and I felt that I was litened to.  But most of all she was helpful and I feel better about my future studies. Thanks!
Sarah, Coventry
The world needs more people like you.
Evonne, Kenilworth
Had a fantastic expereince at the Access centre - assessor was very warm, friendly and knowledgable and put me completely at ease.
Emma, Coventry
"I was treated with respect and was listened to without being judged.  Staff friendly and extremely helpful, making a hard situation so much easier." Rebecca, Coventry
"The assessment interview was supportive and the report was easy to understand. I feel that the recommendations will help me in my time at university and allow me to get the most out of my course." Sarah, Coventry
"I was treated with utmost respect and was able to relax due to the non-judgemental atmosphere. This was much better than other assessments I have attended." Lucy, Loughborough
"We were very satisfied with the assessment process. Our son felt he had the opportunity to express his needs fully and came away happy even though he was worried beforehand. The assessor made us feel at ease and was very professional." Pamela, Tipton
"The advice and support I was given was incredibly beneficial, I felt very supported and reassured that I could consider higher education whilst in recovery. I was inspired by the way a solution was found to every challenge I raised, and I was continually encouraged to imagine myself succeeding." Elizabeth, Coventry

If you would like to speak to a member of our team at any stage of the process contact: access@hereward.ac.uk or telephone 024 7642 6146.

Hereward College, Bramston Crescent, Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 9SW
Tel: 024 7642 6146
Email: access@hereward.ac.uk

Disability Confident BATA - British Assistive Technology Association nnac - National Network of Assessment Centres

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