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Hereward College

Vision and Values

Hereward helps learners to make progress and realise their potential and ambitions. The creativity and skills of staff, working in partnership with the community and employers, ensure learners develop skills for life and work, achieve appropriate qualifications and develop safe and healthy lifestyles that prepare them for the future.

Each learner's experience at Hereward College will prepare them for the next stage of their life, with outstanding employability skills and much greater control over their future. Their growing independence and well-being will enable their talets to shine.


Hereward is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and aims to be a place where diversity is visibly embraced and celebrated amongst both learners and staff.  

Our six Equality, Diversity and Inclusion objectives underpin the College’s values in creating an inclusive community:
  • Create a safe, honest and open environment that enables us all to live, work and learn together whilst challenging each other’s understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Ensure every learner has the opportunity to meet their optimum level of success.
  • Support learners to develop their skills and confidence to create an inclusive community.
  • Support all staff so that they have the relevant skills and understanding with which to promote an inclusive College environment and deliver the EDI plan.
  • Promote an improved understanding of disability within the local community.
  • Celebrate all types of diversity including all learners, staff and other stakeholders.

Visions and Values
We have extensive partnerships with employers and an expanding supported internship study programme.
Hereward College - Promoting Individual Achievement

Hereward College, Bramston Crescent
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